How do I make a good brief to the designers?

When we start working together, we try to set up a meeting between you, the supporter and designer, to discuss and understand your expectations and needs. However, if you want to speed up your request, and not have a discussion with us, we can give a list of the typical points the ideal brief consist of:  

Your desired deadline

Day, time and timezone would be preferable

Background Template

We need to know whether we should create a new background template or keep the existing. Another case is, you can tell us if we should create a new background template but still follow the existing. It means that we will produce a new design but still follow the colors and the style of your existing template

Color theme

Is there any colors that we should use? or maybe you have a website or other presentations that can be a reference

Other details request

It would be great if you tell us when you have some specific request that we should work on particular slide or points 

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